In 1964 Tryfonas Manolakoudis established a small pita unit based in Katerini, Pieria.

The company started its operation with a production capacity of 1700 pitas/ 8 hours, mainly manually produced.

In 1984 new machinery is bought and incorporated in the production process, resulting in the technological evolution of the company and higher quality.

In 1987 the company’s headquarters changed and the facilities moved to new, self-owned buildings in Nea Efessos, Pieria. At the same time the company received the trade name «Tryfon».

In 1990 the company began co-operating with dealers abroad and started exporting its products to Germany, Italy and Spain.

A few years later, the equipment needed to be upgraded once again. Thus in 1999, the company management decided to invest large amounts on the purchase of more sophisticated, more technologically advanced equipment specializing in pita production.

The largest part of the production process is now supported by machinery, with a production capacity of 13000 pitas per hour.

In 2000 the company extended its activities and began producing a new range of products, the buns (small, medium, large, round, with sesame).

In 2004 the company received the HACCPquality assurance certificate and began the implementation of a complete quality system based on these principles.

In 2007 the cooperation between MANOLAKOUDIS S.A. and Masoutis Super Markets began, and all company products found their way to the shelves of Northern Greece markets.

A year later, in 2008 the cooperation with the new super market chain ALDI began.